Auto policies come with a wide variety of coverages and options. Not every policy is created equal, that's why it's important to speak to a licensed agent to help you make sure that you, your family, and your assets are fully protected.



Not all insurance companies are created equal. When looking for the right insurance company there are a few important items to consider:

The financial rating of the insurance company. The last thing you want is a company that is taking a bunch of risk with your money.

Claims service satisfaction. Certain companies have much better claim services than others. Ask our agents which ones people tend to have the most issues with!

Coverage and reward options. Every company offers different coverage options but also a variety of rewards and discounts such as accident forgiveness.

Working with a knowledgeable insurance agent can save you tons of heartache down the road. At Frank E. Neal & Co., Inc., we only represent the highest financial rated insurance companies out there. We constantly gather customer feedback regarding the services and satisfaction of the companies we represent and help our customers find the best overall value on their auto insurance.


As an independent insurance agent, we represent a wide variety of insurance companies so that we can help you find the best coverage for the best price. Every insurance company has a different preference for the customers they seek out. So rather than sticking with your old agent and only one price, give us a call and let us show you just how many options you really have!

You see all of the commercials on TV about saving money on your car insurance, but they never tell you how. The reality is that you have to call around to every different insurance company you see and hope for the best. Why not let one agent shop multiple options for you all at one time? At Frank E. Neal & Co., Inc. our friendly and knowledgeable agents can quickly find you the best auto insurance quotes.

Call us today at (615) 383-8874 to have one of our agents help you quote your auto insurance or get multiple quotes directly on our website in just a few short minutes!


Unlike most agents that simply provide you with the 1-800 number for your insurance company’s claims hotline, our agents always take the time to make sure you’re alright then walk you through the claims process and filing your claim. We won’t be able to tell you the exact insurance rate impact of turning in a claim, but we can explain the possible ramifications relative to your prior driving record. Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision before turning in a claim that may adversely affect you.

If you have just had an accident, here are a few tips

Make sure you, your passengers, and the other party are not injured

If possible, move your vehicles from the roadway to avoid further danger

Exchange insurance information with the other party. Be sure to get their full name, driver’s license number, license plate number, and policy number.

Take photos of the damage of both vehicles.

Contact the police if the other person refuses to exchange information or if someone is hurt

If the damage is minor and you are able to get the other party’s information, you do not have to file a police report