Purchasing a new home can be an intimidating and sometimes frustrating experience. After all of that time searching, you finally find the home you have been dreaming about. But before you close, take a close look at these tips to make sure you don't wind up with a home with endless repairs and problems down the road.


Water damage from pipes is one of the leading causes of damage to homes. Often times the problems can go undetected from the current homeowner for an extended period of time. This can cause:


                      Rotting of the wood framing and supports

                      Foundation issues

                      Warping of hardwood floors


Older homes often do not have enough amps running to the home to support all of our electronics. These homes were designed to use enough electricity for only a few appliances and lighting. However, now that households are constantly running or charging potentially a few dozen electronics, the service may not be sufficient. This can result in electrical fires when circuits are overloaded.


A damaged roof can be a major source of future potential damage to your home, such as:

                      Mold inside of your walls

                      Rotting of the support joists

                      Rotting of drywall

Home inspection

Always get a home inspection from a licensed professional. For the cost of just a few hundred dollars, you can get a complete report about the condition of the property. This will be your best way to determine the severity of any existing or potential future issues.


Maintaining a personal home inventory is an excellent way to assess and keep up with everything you own. Most homeowners have no idea just how much stuff they truly have or how much it would actually cost to replace everything! To help homeowners keep track of everything, the Insurance Information Institute (iii) has developed a great tool for conducting a comprehensive home inventory of all of your personal property. The site is called It has some really great features that we HIGHLY recommend you check out!

Create each room within your home.

Inventory items by room.

Upload photos of items or entire rooms. 

Upload receipts

Keep a running value of all items

Access the information anywhere!


1. The price of lumber increased over 6% in 2013 alone.

2. Batt insulation has increased approximately 5% per year since 2010.

3. Gypsum board prices have risen nearly 50% since 2012.

4. Roofing materials have increased between 2-4% per year since 2007