5 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Now

Have you recently considered life insurance or questioned if your life insurance policy is sufficient?  70% of U.S. households with children under age 18 would experience difficulty in meeting everyday living expenses within a few months if the primary wage earner were to pass away.  In addition, 1 in 5 middle-aged Americans don’t have a life insurance policy.

Did you know life insurance products pay out an average of $1.5 billion every day in the United States?  Talk about a return!


Support your family

Life insurance can relieve the burden left on a devastated family by providing financial support.  It can provide for immediate expenses such as funeral and burial costs; but more importantly, how difficult would it be for your spouse to raise your children without you?  How could he or she afford payments for standard living expenses or cover costs such as braces?  How would your children pay for college?  To get an idea of how much life insurance your family might need, check out this life insurance needs calculator.


Stay in your home

Life insurance can be used to pay mortgage payments or debt that your spouse may no longer be able to afford due to your death.  So if you just bought a new home or still owe on your home, term life can be a great solution for your family.


Protect your business

How would you feel about working with your partner’s spouse if your partner suddenly passed?  Or how would your business be impacted if your top earner died in an accident?  Life insurance can help continue the operation of your business after death by letting partners buy out deceased partner’s portion of the business.


Changes in Personal Life

41% of all life insurance purchases are event related.  However, often overlooked is a gradual increase in earnings or lifestyle.  Have you experienced an increase in wages?  If you haven’t reviewed your life insurance in a while you may need to review your policy to determine if your current life insurance is adequate for your family’s current lifestyle.


Buying now will result in the lowest premium ever!

Life insurance rates are largely based on age.  So the longer you wait to secure a policy, the more you will pay.  Your health status can change rapidly so waiting even a short amount of time may result in higher premiums or possibly becoming ineligible.


Not sure where to start?  Let us walk you through determining your needs and getting a quote.  Or if you have an existing policy, we would be more than happy to review it with you. You may also obtain dozens of actual quotes directly on our website!