6 Roof Maintenance Tips for Spring Weather

This week the folks over at Nestive, a local handyman repair service here in Nashville, put together a great list of tips for avoiding a roof leak claim this spring rainy season. As they point out, often minor fixes can save you thousands in your deductible and higher insurance premiums. 

One item we thought was particularly interesting was about pipe boots on your roof. Over time the elements break them down and they are a very common cause of leaking. On our end, we see this as a common cause of loss for homeowners insurance claims. According to Nestive, replacing one of these runs about $100 including materials and labor! That's a whole lot cheaper than your deductible and subsequent damage.

For more tips and a look at additional handyman projects that can save you money in the long run, check out at the link below or visit them at http://www.nestive.com/handyman-repair-service/