It’s only the middle of November, and this is the second weekend with freezing temperatures. Across the country weathermen and TV pundits are touting that this winter is likely to be another extremely cold one. Last year’s “polar vortex” crippled much of the country for several weeks causing billions in damages to physical property and in lost revenue as consumers stayed in doors. In fact in several parts of the country, people were actually required to stay indoors as the temperatures became dangerously cold. Places such as Chicago experienced -16 degree temperatures. Here in Middle Tennessee the temperatures reached 8 degrees with a windchill of -7!!!

If you are wondering how to protect your home from freezing weather, below is a great infographic about freezing weather home protection. As it shows, the average burst pipe claim typically exceeds $10,000.

Provided by Nationwide Insurance

If you own a home that is currently vacant, it is extremely important to protect your home as coverage under a homeowners or dwelling policy can be severely restricted if a home is unoccupied or vacant (meaning no one is living there, not that you just aren’t home at the time of loss). If you own a property that is vacant, please call us or your agent immediately to discuss how this could impact you.