It's Riding Season!

Motorcycles are part of American culture. They symbolize freedom and independence and create feelings of nostalgia for those who love them.  The common thread between enthusiasts and non-riders alike is safety. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and to celebrate, below are their top 10 safety tips.

  1. Training: If you are a new rider, you should take a formal training class and get a motorcycle license.
  2. Gear: Be sure to wear all of your protective gear when you ride. 
  3. Drinking and Riding: Riding after even one drink can be much more hazardous than driving a car.
  4. Other Cars: Assume that other cars do not see you
  5. 360 Degrees: Maintain a 360 degree look out
  6. Cushion: Create a cushion between you and other vehicles to prevent accidents when other vehicles have to make sudden movements. 
  7. Intersections: Enter intersections with caution to make sure that other vehicles are properly yielding to you.
  8. Emergency Braking: Practice taking evasive actions so that you know how your bike handles.
  9. Aggressive Riding: This should be saved for a closed course and for those with true experience
  10. Continuing Education: Continuously practice riding in low risk areas. 

For more rider safety information and to find a class near you, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.