Since our beginning in 1975, the staff of Frank E. Neal & Co., Inc. collectively has more than 250 years of experience providing bonding services to the construction industry. Our firm is known as a leader in surety bonding and has built long-term relationships with clients who range from sole proprietors to some of the largest contractors in the Southeast. We understand the unique needs of the construction industry and are prepared to meet the needs of all we serve, no matter the size of their firm or the project they need bonded.

We work in all areas of construction: general contractors, construction managers, highway (road, bridge, paving, specialty), as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, utility and all subcontractor trades.

Surety Bonds we provide include:


Performance and Payment

Release of Lien

Material Supply

License and Permit



Court Bonds (Judicial, Fiduciary, Probate, ERISA, Fidelity)

Need a bond?

Getting a bond is not as simple as getting a quote. It takes dedicated industry knowledge, intimate knowledge of your business, and trust between the parties involved. If you hope that your construction company will one day be large enough to complete bonded jobs, our industry veterans can help you put a plan in place before you need a bond to get your game changing job.

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